Inside Egypt hotel swim the catch a disease after Chi Pin shows defecate tourist to swim obtains compensate

In the hotel Chang Yong belongs to the amusement that admire a heart originally when travel, however a few mean personage

loves to be in however swim pool defecate. According to Hong Kong " civil report " will report on June 30, the hotel of Egypt swim pool near future often produces defecate event, close number week already occurred this kind of case more than 10 cases, travel agent asks to fine to relevant tourist, with check this evil wind.

According to the report, british comedy film " bagman 2 " showed 2014, piece in occurrence leading role is on water the clue of Eden defecate, do not eliminate a part to the audience imitates film clue and make similar and mean conduct.

The body after an England woman travelled to swim in the hotel to Egypt 2014 appears serious and unwell, can stay in the room to rest only, the running water of itinerary Fu Zhu that dec

ides formerly. This woman wins compensation finally 2000 pound () of about nineteen thousand five hundred yuan of RMBs. Her criticism says, in swim this kind of behavior of pool defecate can make other people innocent sicken.


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