Mansuer sends new leader of squad of Afghan tower benefit recording says to want to continue to fight

The sound that occupies China " countrywide news broadcast " report, class of Afghan tower benefit announced a paragraph of recording of new head Mansuer 1 day. Mansuer appeals Taliban in recording member solidarity, continue to fight.

Muguxide of spokesman of class of Afghan tower benefit releases one end length to arrange the half frequency data of the hour to media, say this is the speaking recording that Mansuer will lead committee meeting to go up in Taliban on July 31.

In recording, mansuer is right of Aomaer die express to mourn, appeal solidarity of member of tower benefit class at the same time, continue to fight, till build political power of tower benefit class afresh. Dan Mansu Er eliminates not clearly to begin the possibility that peace speaks with Afghan government.

Occupy dispatches from foreign news agency to report, track of graceful Su Er is my

sterious, it is Taliban the leader before this Aomaer's assistant. He is inspected Dalibannei's moderates, support and Afghan government undertake peace talks.

Nevertheless, also the message points out, interior of tower benefit class already appeared at present dissension. This can find clue in the recording that just releases. Meantime, mansuer says new leader of tower benefit squad: Dalibannei cracks a meeting to make the enemy glad partly, create more problem. And, mansuer is obtained appoint far from to be passed consistently, was to pass intense discussion of several days.

On July 30 evening, armed organization of class

of Afghan tower benefit makes a statement, affirm this organization leader Aomaer is already ill die. After Aomaer's news of sb's death comes out, taliban and Afghan government decide the 2nd round of peace that will hold in Pakistan July 31 to speak to be deferred formerly.


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