Hacker organization announces crashing incident of Russia of put up with launchs independent investigation

On November 16, 2015 message, after Parisian horror raids percussion to be born, international hacker organizes anonym to release video, a head wears this organization to indicate the spokesman of mask of team of kill in revenge of sexual V word announces, anonym will be started to ISIS history on the biggest network charge, paris fears raiding harm a lot of innocent person, cannot be excused, won't let off you!

International is online stalk of grain only: Occupy Russian new company 17 days to report, anonym of world-famous hacker organization was being accepted a few days ago when Russia TV station is interviewed now, express, independent investigation will be launched in Egypt crash be related in the light of Russian plane.

Of this organization on behalf of Yalikesi Baoqieer says, 200 much people die because of aviation accident, while this kind of terrorism continues to be performed all over the world, anonym will not apathetic. Say according to him, this organization is taking all possible step on the network, happen in order to prevent incident of similar fall and break again.

He still expresses, anonym has the method that copes with terrorist, these methods already were proved in the fight with Mohammedan country effective.

Before this, this organization has announced to organize Mohammedan country to start network war to

the extreme, assault incident in order to retaliate the Parisian terror that latter produces. Current, this organization has taken real action, begin exposure doubt to appear Mohammedan state detailed individual data of the member, invaded Mohammedan country 5500 of the member are pushed special account.

Baoqieer expresses, anonym hacker organization will use all tools that they can acquire, in order to destroy the Mohammedan cou

ntry existence on Internet and activity. He thinks, this conduces to cloggy the armed member with its new recruit, and Mohammedan country basically is the gregarious media that passes all sorts of differring come the armed member with new recruit.

(original title: Hacker organization anonym alleges Russia of put up with crashs launch independent investigation)


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