Guangdong grand data of Wu Di of proprietress of far basketball team's individual grand far boss social status introduces

[Guangdong grand data of Wu Di of proprietress of far basketball team's individual grand far boss social status introduces] on May 3, guangdong grand far basketball team carries off CBA champion, in large group photo, a feminine station inter that wearing pink dress grabs an eye particularly, she is grand far proprietress Wu Di. Everybody

to grand far proprietress Wu Di still holds out interest, below small make up everybody to bring about grand the data of far proprietress Wu Di and social status.

Guangdong grand department of development of the classics outside far group limited company is grand the orgnaization of professional foreign trade that far group follower pursues of

all kinds commodity and business of technical imports and exports, held water in August 1994. 1999-2004 year successive body of 6 years of advance at forehead of countrywide imports and exports 500 strong companies.

Current, the company basically runs the foreign trade of each product, main product has the chemical product of the entrance, mechanical and electrical products, adornment of products of the product of building materials colophony of exit, hardware, Christmas and Mao Rongtian fill a toy to wait for a product. Divide outside running general trade, the company still is engaged in accepting entrust, business of acting imports and exports, business of technical imports and exports, joint venture of China and foreign countries, cooperative production, supplied materials treatment, come appearance treatment, communication or parcel received is assembled, compensation trade, barter, to selling commerce, entrepot trade, inside trade, the business such as technical service.

Guangdong grand far team regards CBA as powerful force of an old brand, guangdong grand far group is its backside is the biggest prop up; Guangdong grand far group fund is huge, the domain such as sports of include of its scope of business, medicine and room ground field. Be in Guangdong grand after far team author Mr Chen Lin dies, succession of its son Chen Haitao becomes Guangdong grand far club president. It is reported, guangdong grand the asset of Wu Di under one's name achieves far proprietress a few, year on income 100 million!

Guangdong grand capital fund of far proprietress Wu Di is very high, she the staff member to basketball team also is very easy, team husband star builds couplet yearly salary easily to be as high as 20 million yuan of RMB, the yearly salary of other star also is very tall. It is reported, after team gains the championship this year, grand the bonus that far team gets will have a few ten million yuan, can saying is very fierce.

Original title: Grand data of individual of resume of far proprietress Wu Di grand far boss year liability of income capital fund edits: Li Xiaoling


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