Finnish female premier is become osculant hind dance to be apologized by exposure hind to before dawn in nocturnal inn

Abroad net report will report 8 days according to Reuter on December 9, recently, finnish premier Marlin of 36 years old is after the person that be informed oneself to become new corona

l to be contacted closely, still open a clique to be opposite all night in nocturnal inn, and do not wear guaze mask. Photograph by media exposure hind, marlin apologizes publicly.

Marlin opens a clique 4 days to be opposite in nocturnal inn with the friend, do not wear guaze mask to chat, dance, play morrow before dawn all the time at 4 o'clock. Notable is, finnish minister of foreign affairs just detected before a few hours a new coronal virus is electropositive, had had a contact with Marlin.

After sufferring public opinion to criticize, marlin apologizes publicly. When she expresses to be informed minister of foreign affairs to affect new coronal through the phone, the other side did not ask she is adopted any epidemic prevention measure. But the person that the government informs all mixing to minister of foreign affairs is contacted on special mobile phone must undertake ego segregation and nucleic acid detect. She expresses to did not carry mobile phone of governmental for a special purpose at that time, the short message just that informs ego of segregation sent that mobile phone only.

Marlin expresses, I should have better eye, after-thought rises, I realize I should examine these information again. She still discloses, oneself undertook nucleic acid detects, eventuate negative. (abroad net Liu is strong)

Original title: Finnish female premier becomes osculant hind dance to be edited by responsibi

lity of the apology after exposure to before dawn in nocturnal inn: Ceng Shaolin


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