African child " cite a shop sign " advertisement video brushs explode friend circle cleans out treasure: Violate compasses general to investigate

Login register child of Africa of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian " cite a shop sign " advertisement video brushs explode friend circle cleans out treasure: Violate compasses general to investigate origin: ? Brighting duckweed?2017-08-07 11:27 Http://

A few days ago, child of a paragraph of Duan Fei continent hits advertising video to encircle heat to pass in the friend before blackboard, novel means causes the attention of a lot of netizens.

Grow to be in commonly when this kind of video 20 seconds less than, suit a friend to encircle transmission very much, content is a simple and easy small blackboard, writing such-and-such, I love you, birthday joy or Mai Mou product, search such-and-such, the model of written characters that african knows, subsequently, child of 10 many Africa, the film person outside following an appearance is attending the speech on blackboard.

It is reported, the person that this kind of video films is not a Chinese to be in mostly, accept the order in the value that taxes treasure to be controlled with 200 yuan, the script that writes good serial number and every video films centrally, some shop month sales volume exceed 3500.

Sign up for investigation to discover according to Beijing youth nevertheless, a Chinese that wor

ks in Zambia says, send a group of video every time, the pay of children is a few snacks only or a few money. That is to say, the person that major fund is filmed and businessman were t

aken away.

To this, the customer service that clean out treasure expresses: This kind of video is put in the risk, be discharged possibly to check at any time. We cannot eliminate whether does the vocabulary that violates new ad law exist inside video, once confirm, the businessman violates the relevant regulation in new ad law, the fault sends kind of order, those who disobey the net that clean out treasure is normal trade order, will be punished accordingly.

Ps. The African child that takes video understands Chinese not, also do not understand a meaning, just read aloud accordingly.

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