Emperor horse is cheered for Wuhan support China 2

Emperor horse is cheered for Wuhan support Chinese 2-2 to make the same score Saierda integral a list of names posted up is banner to 1 minute

Beijing time on Feburary 17 before dawn, 2019/20 sports season on the west armour the 24th round of royal Madrid advocate tower of Er of 2 equaler than 2 battle a place of strategic importance, before the match, emperor horse player wears the T-shirt that China cheers to enter the arena, the spot still can be placed have unity is strength, cheer Chinese model of written characters cheer board, with this Xiang Zheng is in the Chinese people expression of pneumonic epidemic situation supports beat back new coronal and wish!

Saierdadi is obtained 7 minutes banner, a Si Paasche is passed continuously, without the Simoluofu that people's air defense defends the short-hilted broadsword inside reserve margin is pushed shoot a net. A Za Erkai gives corner kick, ball of Luo Tou of rice blocking a place of strategic importance attacks the door to slant piece. Subsequently Bell passes a ball, kasaimiluo is in interest 25 times to shoot tower above of in a way.

The 44th minute, abstruse Lhasa opens a corner kic

k, dust Du Tou ball attacks the door to be pursued to cover with tiles extraordinarily brave attacks by library Er. Before half of a game or contest ends, head of A Si Paasche attacks the door to slant piece.

Emperor horse breaks even the 52nd minute, benzema passes a ball, forbidden zone of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of equestrian a place of strategic importance is left next bottoms are answered pass, 14 place shoot Crosse left next horn, 1-1. Suffocate suffocate hind answers Azaer on the right side of irruptive forbidden zone pass, the shoot outside margin of reserve of Ba Erwei heart is confiscated.

Emperor horse exceeds the 65th minute instead, benzema is passed continuously, azaer is irruptive forbidden zone is left the cloth the orchid family that is hit out is tripping, lamosi advocate the ball that punish a dot is entered left next horn, 2-1.

Saierdadi breaks even 85 minutes, dennis - Su Yalei Si Zhichuan, 10 place short-hilted broadsword turns the rice offer that same reserve comes on the stage shoot a net, 2-2.

Emperor horse (4-3-3) : 13- library Er pursues

made of baked clay; 2- blocks Wahaer, 5- Walanei, 4- pulls Mo Si, the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of 12- horse a place of strategic importance; 15- Ba Erwei heart, 14- blocks Saimiluo, 8- Crosse (81' , strange) of 10- Ma Deli; 11- Bell (84' , ) of 23- Men Di, 9- Benzema, 7- A plunges into Er (73' , 25- dimension Ni Xiusi)

Saierda (3-5-2) : 13- cloth the orchid family; 18- dust prevent, 21- Mulilue, 4- A fatigue is suddenly; 20- Basikesi (55' , 11- Xisituo) , 12- pulls Fei Er, 5- makes an appointment with Kusilu, 14- cloth pulls Daliji (83' , ) of 22- rice accept, 15- abstruse Lhasa; Paasche of 10- A Si, 9- Si Moluo's husband (70' , 6- Dennis - Su Yalei this)

Responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling


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