Lin Shuhao to be executed the law by force deadly black phonates appeal inferior descendants resistance the colour bar

Lin Shuhao to be executed the law by force deadly black phonates appeal inferior descendants resistance the colour bar

One black man of American was pressed by constabulary genuflect recently 7 minutes of deadly be related cause wide attention, NBA star straps Braun - Zhanmusi phonate in succession, the force that condemns a police executes the law, and turned over Lin Shuhao of fighter of the colour bar to also express individual view through gregarious media, of his appeal United States inferior descendants should promote justice.

Lin Shuhao is on gregarious media transmit about the United States one black man is executed the law to be commented on deadlily by constabulary force, subsequently he writes: We are all be in the United States inferior descendants brother sister, ask when us people is listened attentively to when we talk about the colour bar that causes about coming from new coronal virus, how should we promote justice for other after all?

Have the person of sense of justice very much as, close watch sympathizes with the colour bar that Lin Shuhao suffers to the black, the appeal is all of the United Stat

es inferior descendants unites, promote justice together.

During epidemic situation of this new coronal, lin Shuhao published the name is " break through darkness " holograph letter, expose oneself the knowledge during epidemic s

ituation and heart road course, also told about to people suffer discrimination fully in the United States as a child, swear to safeguard the determination of own rights and interests.

To help epidemic disease area, oneself mix Lin Shuhao to contribute favorable balance of trade to cross 10 million yuan of RMB through individual foundation accumulative total, he still sponsors activity of raise donations of Be The Light, amount of accumulative total contribution had exceeded 1 million U.S. dollor. Not only such, lin Shuhao and person collaboration are built for Atlanta city together wash one's hands the station fights epidemic disease, the big love that also reveals him does not have national boundaries and strong social sense of responsibility.

Original title: Does Lin Shuhao execute the law for afro-american by force deadly phonate: ? Responsibility of? of  of lossen soil with a hoe of  scald in order to remove hairs or feathers edits: Li Xiaoling


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