Texans star receiver DeAndre Hopkins says his wallet is $6,000 lighter after he wore a pair of Kanye West-designed cleats that were not of an NFL-approved color. After that fashion faux pas, Hopkins told reporters, he’s only going to wear the turtle dove Boost 350s if Yeezy pays.

But Hopkins might not need to hit up Kanye, or retire his kicks. 

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Adidas — which makes the cleats and has a partnership with Hopkins and other high-profile players who’ve been given various models — could be coming to their aid.

That would be a pretty big show of client loyalty. Assuming Hopkins wears Boost 350s in all 16 games, that will be at least $96,000 in fines. Add in other stars such as Broncos linebacker Von Miller, and we’re talking six, maybe seven figures depending on how many players wear the cleats.

Then again, as media outlets such as Uproxx noted, adidas might see this as a huge marketing opportunity. Allow the stars to show off the shoes, make them cool because the No Fun L

eague wants to “ban” them, then rake in the $250 to $300 retail for every sale those guys inspire.