Dak Prescott posted on his Instagram story Thursday morning to thank his teammates and fans for all the support he's received since the compound fracture to his ankle Sunday.

"Forever thankful for the love & support I've received," Prescott wrote. "I'll be back stronger and better. Thank you all (raised fist)."

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Prescott's post was in response to a Cowboys official post of a video of players sending their well wishes to Prescott. Offensive stars Ezekiel Elliott and Amari Cooper were both prominently featured in Dallas' video. It was the first social media activity on one of Prescott's accounts since the injury.

In Week 5 against the Giants, Prescott scrambled before being tackled in a way that bent his right leg at an unnatural angle. It was diagnosed as a compound fracture and dislocation of his right ankle. Reports indicated that Prescott had surgery Sunday night, and the injury is expected to keep Prescott out at least four to six months.

Dallas owner Jerry Jones spoke Tuesday about Prescott's injury. Jones has come under some fire of late after Prescott wasn't signed to a long-term extension before the season, despite the Jones family referring to Prescott as the team's franchise quarterback.

"We've got to be reminded that to have a team, we've got to really manage how we dole out our resources," Jones said Tuesday. "Dak is deserving of anything that you want to put on a piece of paper, relatively speaking. He's deserving of that. If y

ou evaluate what he can do to help us win championships, you can see that it's there. Plus, he's a leader at the premier leader spot. We've got to make it work."

The Cowboys have created the hashtag #4Dak on social media this week. Prescott wears No. 4, so it's a way for the Cowboys to try to play the remainder of their season "for Dak." Dallas is scheduled to play on "Monday Night Football" in Week 6 with Andy Dalton as its starting quarterback against the Cardinals.