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In today’s show, co-hosts Bill Voth (@billvoth) and Matt Lutovsky (@MLutovsky) discuss:

    The NBA FinalsThe layoff leading up to the NBA FinalsWhether the Spurs or Heat have “more to lose”The Stanley Cup FinalsWhether a New York-L.A. matchup is good for hockeyHow much people in L.A. care about the KingsThings they missed while they were away the past week (Josh Beckett’s no-hitter, Sean Lee’s ACL injury, the USMNT’s latest friendly, making fun of Spelling Bee kids, the Clippers sale, Lance Stephenson going insane, etc.)

    We also talk with Sporting News NBA writer Sean Deveney (@SeanDeveney), who chats about whether the two best teams are in the NBA Finals, if the Heat are more vulnerable this year, if home court advantage will make a difference for the Spurs, X-factors for both teams, whose legacy could be enhanced the most with a win, the potential fallout of a Tim Duncan retirement, the changes the Thunder need to make to get back to the Finals, the changes the Pacers need to make to just stay competitive in the East, the latest on the Kevin Love trade rumors, and much more. Sean’s interview starts at the 24:29 mark of the show. Click here to go right to Sean’s interview.

    We finish up by talking with’s Stephen Douglas (@Stephen_Douglas), who writes a weekly “Game of Thrones” recap. As Matt wonders if men from the “Greatest Generation” ever sat around and talked about dragons, Stephen and Bill discuss last night’s episode, including Oberyn and The Mountain’s epic battle and the emotional fallout that ensued, the fate of Tyrion and whether it will change, why “Game of Thrones” suddenly cares about “due process,” whether viewers should be prepared for disappointment over the final two episodes of the season, which deaths have been the most gruesome, Arya and “The Hound” or something, Sansa’s dyed hair, Jorah’s heartbreak, and much more. Matt also quizzes Stephen on his GoT trivia knowledge in what amounts to their own epic battle, though no one dies…yet. Stephen’s interview starts at the 44:34 mark of the podcast. Click here to go right to Stephen’s interview.

    We also talk about chatting with waiters at Applebees about Mike Breen, kidney stones, who uses “What’s App,” the differences in costs between New York and San Antonio, old people/horses who wear Skechers, and, of course, IronBoneAndTheSevenBoobdoms.Gov.

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