Think the first few days of NBA free agency have been eventful? Wait until LeBron James gets back from vacation.

The King, who hasn’t exactly dispelled rumors that he’d consider taking his talents somewhere other than South Beach, has options. Those options became a little clearer Thursday night, after James’ agent, Rich Paul, reportedly spoke with the Cavaliers, Mavericks, Rockets and Suns. Paul also is reported to have a meeting with Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak scheduled for Friday.

So Heat president Pat Riley, who reportedly was in Los Angeles on Thursday recruiting Pau Gasol, might be nearing scramble mode as the plans of his best player — the best basketball player in the world — remain unknown. 

Not helping Riley’s assumed discomfort: The Rockets plan to go after Chris Bosh if they fail to land Carmelo Anthony, according to’s Marc Stein.

After Miami lost to San Antonio in the Finals and before the free-agent period began, many believed Riley would be able to convince his Big Three to stay — likely with restructured contracts — as he surrounded them with an improved supporting cast. Then James requested the unexpected but understandable: The league’s best player wants to be paid like the league’s best player.

James dropped the mic and left for vacation with his family, leaving the NBA community with nothing but questions regarding his intentions. All teams, of course, would love James on their roster. But LeBron knows what he wants, and he’s surely informed Paul of such desires. Paul’s fielding of specific teams’ pitches leads many to believe it could actually happen; James might actually move on.

Kupchak reportedly flew to Cleveland on Thu

rsday night for the meeting with Paul, immediately after the Lakers’ meeting with Anthony. Any team owner or GM would board any flight for even the slightest chance of adding James to their roster. But Paul (James, really) would not invite just any team.

There’s a chance this is all a smokescreen and that James, Riley and the Heat know exactly what they’re doing. But as reports that teams like Houston are willing to call Miami’s bluff continue to surface, speculation about the Big Three’s willingness to stick together intensifies.

Reported names on Miami’s radar include, among others, Gasol, Vince Carter, Shawn Marion and Luol Deng. It’s unclear whether James — or Bosh, for that matter — has any opinions or input regarding the Heat’s free-agent targets.

So there are two separate fingers each on a separate domino — one finger is Anthony’s, and the other is James’. When Anthony flicks his domino by choosing a team, many dominoes will then fall. Then James will check out which and how many dominoes are left standing, and he’ll flick his.

No surprise: A star-driven league also features a star-driven free-agent period.