The air conditioning in San Antonio’s AT&T Center went out, LeBron James sat down with cramps and the Twitter slander amped up. 

Among those pointing out that the Spurs also had to contend with the heat was Detroit Pistons guard Brandon Jennings. 

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ot talking about James, but James was the only topic after this game. The impact on Miami without James was obvious, as San Antonio went off on a 31-9 run to close their 110-95 win. 

Jennings was not close to being the only person to make similar statements about James on Twitter. In fact, I’m sure the critiques got much worse. Still, James has a history with cramps, he weighs 260 pounds and plays at a high speed. 

Jennings, who is out of the playoffs this year, found it easy to comment from the outside looking in, similar to most on social media in the aftermath of James shutting it down.