Steve Nash has not played much for the Los Angeles Lakers over the first two years of his contract, but his eyes have been set squarely on changing that in the third and final year. 

Nash is sure to have a chance at that now, with the deadline for the "stretch" provision passing over the weekend, as Eric Pincus of The Los Angeles Times noted. 

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Over the summer, Grantland produced a documentary with Nash and broached the subject. Nash, as frank as ever, said he didn't want to retire and he wanted the money. 

He will now be paid $9.7 million over the 2014-15 season to play another season for the Lakers. If the Lakers waived Nash, they could have stretched his salary over three seasons, paying him $3.2 million per year and receiving salary cap relief for the upcoming season. 

The Lakers went under the salary cap for the first time since 1996 this offseason, with a total of $63.1 million to pay out. They are now over the cap at $67.9 million with 13 players under contract.