Former Kentucky forward Willie Cauley-Stein made a big decision over the weekend. No, he didn't decide to enter the NBA Draft (He already did that), nor did he decide on a specific agent or move to a specific city.

Nope. Over the weekend Cauley-Stein added yet another peice to his already lengthy name.

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Meet Willie Trill Cauley-Stein. 

Yes, he actually changed his middle name from Durmond to Trill, according to the

Cauley-Stein, 21, was born Willie Durmond Cauley Jr. He filed a name-change order Friday with

the Probate Division of the Fayette District Court to legally change his name to Willie Trill Cauley-Stein.

Cauley-Stein's mother, Marlene Stein, said her son decided to change his middle name since he was already there to change his last name.

Trill is the "nickname his 'boys' call him," Stein said.

Personally, we would have gone with Trilly Cauley-Stein, but hey, that's just us.