We are about to witness, historically speaking, the worst NBA Finals ever. That means, over the next few weeks, a void will be filled for one franchise, and a long-suffering fan base will finally be rewarded for their patience.

Let’s explain. The two entrants into the Finals are worthy representatives of their conferences. The current Cavs are gritty and inspiring. The Warriors are deep, versatile and loaded with talent, 10-deep. They’re both great teams and deserve to be exactly where they are.

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But as franchises go, the modern NBA (beginning in 1960, when the Lakers moved to Los Angeles and the league became bicoastal) has not seen Finals teams with as much combined historical losing as the Warriors and Cavaliers dating back to their inceptions.

In their 45 years of existence, the Cavaliers have played 3,642 games, and they’ve gone 1,671-1,971 in those games. That is a hapless winning percentage of .459.

The Warriors have not been much better in their history. They’ve played 5,392 games, and posted a record of 2,517-2,875, for a .467 winning percentage.

The Cavaliers have never won a championship and will be making their second Finals appearance, the last coming in 2007. The Warriors only have one championship in the modern era (they won two as the Philadelphia Warriors in 1947 and 1956), which came 40 years ago when they upset the powerful Bullets.

That might sound like it has nothing to do with the 2015 Warriors and Cavs. But in a way, it does. It is a rare thing for an NBA team to be able to shake of decades of miserable basketball and manage to get to the Finals. Of the 108 teams that have played in the Finals in the modern era, only 29 entered the Finals with a historical winning percentage below .500.

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The lone championship won by the Warriors carried some historical significance—it was the first time in modern NBA history that two teams with franchise winning percentages below .500 met in the Finals. When the Warriors-Cavs series starts, it will be only the fifth time in the modern history of the league that two losing franchises played in the Finals.

(The others were Mavericks-Heat in 2007; Rockets-Magic in 1995, when Orlando was six years into existence; SuperSonics-Bullets in 1978; and Warriors-Bullets in 1975. The Bullets were only 10 years removed from expansion when they played the Warriors.)

And there’s this: When you add the winning percentages of the Cavs and Warriors, you come up with a number--.926—that is the lowest ever for a modern-era NBA F

inals. Thus it can be said that this series features the historically worst franchise pairing in NBA Finals history.

But that also means that these Finals will be all the more special for both franchises. They’ve got zero Larry O’Brien trophies between them, and one Walter Brown trophy for the Warriors. (The trophy was renamed in 1984.) Fans of both teams have undergone a long string of losing. For one of them, that will soon end.