The Bucks' new jerseys were revealed on Saturday and they are crisp, clean and maybe a bit boring upon first glance. Bu

t take a second look.

The uniforms feature Milwaukee's logo introduced in April and includes a lot of new details. The "Cream City Rainbow" on the sides of the jerseys feature a pale blue stripe, along with the collar. A collar which also includes a "Championship Tab" to commemorate the franchise's 1971 title. Seriously, no part of the jersey went unnoticed. Even the white space on the sides of the shorts create an "M" design.

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The team definitely approves of the new look. John Henson is fan of the intricate details and Giannis Antetokounmpo picked out the "Fear the Deer" addition. Even coach Jason Kidd likes the unis, but he's still more worried about getting those Ws.

Less is definitely more in this case. You can check out all the new details on the Bucks' website.