Before taking over as coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Tyronn Lue was best known for being stepped over by Allen Iverson. But the two-time NBA champ may have stopped a fight between two future Hall of Fame players.

Lue spent 11 years in the NBA as a player before joining the Boston Celtics as an assistant coach in 2009. He recently recalled a story from his days as a Boston assistant when he says he stopped a fight between Kevin Garnett and Carmelo Anthony after a heated Knicks-Celtics game in 2013.

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“It’s just something that escalated on the court and it became a big ordeal on the floor. They were about to fight,” Lue told “And then after the game, I just got wind that Carmelo was in the tunnel waiting on KG.”

Anthony reportedly approached Garnett following the January game, in which the two men had words, flanked by a group of friends. Lue said that though Anthony claimed he only wanted to talk, he sensed that things could escalate quickly. So Lue says he stepped in between the two, then made sure to get Garnett back on the team’s bus.


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“I get Carmelo’s number,” Lue said. “I call him, talk to him and put KG on the phone with him on the bus and they talked and we squashed it from there.”

Those peace-keeping instincts may come in handy if reports of discord in the Cavaliers locker room prove accurate.