CHARLOTTE, N.C. — LeBron James wants Cam Newton to get a couple things straight: He's not a power forward, and he's not imitating anyone.

"I'm the LeBron of the NBA," the Cavaliers forward said Wednesday morning before a game in the Panthers quarterback's town.

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Newton was asked at Super Bowl 50 media day Monday if he sees himself as the LeBron James of the NFL. The parallels are there, with their remarkable size, athleticism, IQ and passing ability. Newton wasn't hearing it, though. "Why can't LeBron be the Cam Newton of power fo

rwards?" he replied.

Well, aside from the fact that James is five years older and was preparing for his ninth NBA season when Newton took his first NFL snap, James had another bone to pick.

"I heard that. I'm not a power forward, though," he said. "And I'm not slowing down any time soon, so I like being a wing guy. It's cooler."

James, a Cowboys fan, said he "absolutely" is a fan of Newton, who watched the Cavs play the Hornets in their last meeting in Charlotte earlier this season.

"I think he's a rare talent," James said. "Obviously his size and speed, it's a rarity at that position. And his height, there's not that many guys at 6-5 or over in the NFL, especially playing the quarterback position. That's why, combined with his IQ, combined with his speed, his power, and combined with the great guys surrounding him, that makes him very tough."

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But while James was a standout wide receiver through his high school days, he never took a shot at quarterback at any high level.

"I played a little bit when I was in community leagues," he said. "My left tackle wasn't that good, so I gave that up really fast."