The Lakers need some help this season. While they probably won't find it on the court, they at least received some comic relief from their latest signee.

Yitzi Teichman, 18, was diagnosed with a brain tumor last year and when he was approached by Make-A-Wish Foundation, he didn't have to think long about what his wish would be. He wanted to be a Laker.

When the moment came to fruition, Teichman's light-hearted personality shined through and will surely inspire the masses. If a teenager going through something so difficult can remain positive and keep a sense of humor, we have no reason to not do the same.

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Teichman got to spend the day with the team and sat on the bench while the Lakers lost to the Hornets, but it was his press conference that really stole the show.

"I wanted to be a Laker," Teichman told the media. "I didn't have much other shot considering my height, so it was either you have to be good at basketball or get cancer. I went with the cancer route. Now I'm a La

ker and I'm happy to be here."

This kid's outlook is so encouraging.