Charlotte honored the 1990s at Time Warner Arena on Tuesday, hosting Hornets Nick Night, an ode to the heyday of Nickelodeon’s Saturday night lineup that was all the rage among pre-teens and teenagers back in the day. 

They even brought out one of the stars of the network’s flagship shows — Kel Mitchell, one half of the coming-of-age buddy comedy “Kenan & Kel,” alongside Kenan Thompson. Mitchell, now 37, is still as lively as he was from 1996-2000 when he and his counterpart were to children what Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall had been to adults in the 1980s, if ony for a fraction of the time. Mitchell took to center court at halftime and hyped the crowd up along with the Hornets’ mascot, Hugo. The two did a spot-on on rendition of Kid ‘n Play’s classic dance routine from the 1990 cult classic film “House Party.” Check it out. 

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If you’ve never seen the originators set it off, you’ve lived an utterly deprived life, but that’s what Sporting News, and the good folks at YouTube, are here for. Consider yourself edutained.

The Hornets didn’t disappoint on the floor, either, in their first game back at the Hive following a road trip to make way for the Division II Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association hoops tournament. Led by Kemba Walker’s 26 points, they blew

out the Suns 126-92 to improve to 31-28 on the season.