Former NBA coach George Karl has been scrutinized lately for comments he made in his upcoming book "Furious George" and he seems perplexed by it.

“The backlash was interesting," Karl said Thursday on "Mike & Mike."

When asked whether he was surprised by the reactions, he said, "yeah." 

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In the soon-to-be-released book, he had strong words for former Nuggets players Carmelo Anthony, Kenyon Martin and J.R. Smith. Martin went on a Twitter rant after the release of excerpts from the book and was most upset with Karl bringing up the fact he and Anthony didn't grow up with fathers (Anthony's dad died of cancer when he was 2).

“I said it poorly, and I’m sorry that I said it poorly, and I’m sorry for the reaction," Karl said about the father excerpt. "I know Kenyon; the one thing I love about K

enyon Martin is that he’s a good father.

“Sometimes I think when you take excerpts out of the book, it becomes not exactly what I said.”

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Even though he seems to know Martin was upset, Karl said he hasn't been paying close attention to all the negative feedback.

“I haven’t studied all of the criticism; I’ve been on kind of a Christmas tour with my family. I’m just trying to stay joyous in the season," he said.

When asked whether he wanted to speak to any of the players to clear up anything, he said, "I’m not forcing the issue right now." Although he did say if a player reached out to him and wanted to have dinner, he'd accept.