Period eats sweetmeat to be able to gain flesh period has a thing really won't fat

Often have a kind of view, it is menses eats a thing to won't gain flesh, then a lot of people are in of period unbridled eat, so does period eat sweetmeat to be able to gain flesh, period has a thing really won't fat.

Does period eat sweetmeat to you can gain flesh?

Period eats sweet food meeting get fat, have a thing about period won't the view of get fat is a rumor completely. Before physiology period, often cannot help wanting to have the desire of sweetmeat, chocolate of mad crack with teeth in mouth, cake, ice-cream, after eating, even if temporarily the mood is auspicious, but often cannot maintain how long, feel exhaustion again, have a headache. Actually, this is the disease before a kind of common classics group, good hair the female at bearing the age.


Period has a thing really won't fat

Forthcoming month classics takes not fat this is a rumor, menses overeat can gain flesh euqally, must not think menstruation eats sweetmeat, chocolate, won't get fat, or it is to think menstruation comes by accident when tide, metabolization is particularly good, it is to reduce heavy optimal opportunity, this can be beautiful misunderstanding, and often concern with the physiology sex oedema before menstruation. This kind gives birth to rational oedema, not be nephritic function gave what error, but exact cause still unidentified, the likelihood is the hurried inside body coriaceous alcohol increases adrenalin, the female is hormonal change or be hemal osmotic increase, bring about the moisture inside body store indigestion. ?

Hungry when eat sweet food

Often eat be meeting get fat for certain, because of the candy branch inside it change is become adipose, store inside existence human body. Sweetmeat basically is the material with fat of a few polysaccharide, greasily, tall calorie. The sugar that contains among sweetmeat among them is divided, than rice or bisc

uit medium compound sugariness digests speed faster, the time that keeps in the stomach is very short, had eaten to be able to feel hungry before long. If long-term and hollow edible will bring about vicious circle. ?

Why to eat sweetmeat to be able to gain flesh

Eat sweet food meeting get fat contains sugar because of major sweetmeat the volume is too high, human body cannot be absorbed can change into adipose accumulation, cause get fat. Sweetmeat basically is the material with fat of a few polysaccharide, greasily, tall calorie. The main function of candy is to provide heat energy. Every gram dextrose produces 4 kilocalorie energy in the oxidation inside human body, the 70% right-and-left energy that human body place needs are offerred by candy. Eat sweet food the meeting is fat because major sweetmeat contains sugar,be the volume is too high, and the candy that human body cannot absorb is met translate into glycogen, glycogen can be in body keep in storage, resembling is mothball the sources of energy, eat candy to be able to be affected too much use up adiposely inside body, cause adipose accumulation.