How should little yellow croaker choose eat what how should little yellow croaker notice

Everybody should have heard of rife disease in the life, but do you understand little yellow croaker? Small today make up understand together with everybody, after all how should little yellow croaker choose, and what how should little yellow croaker notice to eat? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

How should little yellow croaker choose

1, the mouth: Fresh piscine mouth is cleaner, the meeting in mouth of defective goods fish is dirtier, the mouth can be held to look when the choose and buy.

2, branchial: Operculum lock, not easy dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed leaves, branchial a blood of bright red belt, without mucous, do not have a stink for fresh fish.

3, eye: Fresh piscine eyeball is raised, black and white and trenchant, the surface shines, fresh the fish that spends difference, eye stay, muddy have Bai Meng, the eye of corrupt fish is muddy show red, shrivelled of some pearl eye eyeball.

4, scale and piscine skin: The scale of fresh fish is clingy piscine skin, drop not easily scale and decorticate, qualitative second piscine scale is lax easy fall off.

5, cruelly oppress: Press the body that control a fish with finger, have hardness and flexibility, after the hand is raised, muscle recovers from an illness quickly for fresh fish. Protruding get stuck or bogged down is deep and those who lack flexibility is no

t fresh.

Eat what how should little yellow croaker notice

Yellow croaker cannot eat together with buckwheat: Yellow croaker greasily, and buckwheat sex is cold, hard pass the time in a leisurely way of Ju Qiao wheat, move sirocco, yellow croaker and buckwheat are stodgy, so both make together indigestible, hurt intestines and stomach easily, also cannot eat together with jingjie: Cause to the body with your meeting unwell.

Little yellow croaker is splanchnic how be handled

1, to maintain the integrality of piscine body, when treatment, do not open chamber to take splanchnic, transversely is in in piscine body anus one knife.

2, with a pair of chopsticks, insert abdominal cavity from inside the mouth one agitate, can splanchnic and all take out.

3, did not smoke like, can take mix again. With same method again will branchial take out. After scale, rinse clean with water can cook.

Can pregnant woman eat little yellow croaker

The pregnant woman that is not allergic constitution can have little yellow croaker, yellow croaker nutrition is rich, the protein in fresh fish and the inorganic salt content such as calcic, phosphor, iron, iodine are very high, and cruelly oppress organizes softness, digest easily absorb. Little yellow croaker has be good at lienal litre of stomach, calm the nerves stop the effect that gas of dysentery, beneficial writes essence of life, have favorable curative effect to the pregnant woman of empty of anaemic, insomnia, giddy, inappetence, body, and the most important is, eat little yellow croaker to be helpful for neurological development, right fetal it is very beneficial.