How is the fish of practice clear river of clear Jiang Yu done delicious

A lot of people should know clear Jiang Yu, it is not a kind of specific fish, basically point to the fish that lives in Hubei clear river, it is to use it to do grilled fish to be able to compare many a little bit commonly at present, the common way that Jiang Yu learning

Qing Dynasty learns together below.

The practice of clear Jiang Yu

2 jins of clear Jiang Yu of half carry 1. on the back make sb the first aim of attack, clean clean. Spend a knife, souse 15 minutes, cooking wine, saline daub is even, pepper, garlic of ginger of black peppery green.

2. has bloated to brush oil to enter oven, fluctuation bakes 20 minutes 230 degrees, midway is taken out brush a few oil again. Exceed soup juice, ordinal Chinese prickly ash, chili of green ginger garlic, secret makes pepper sauce.

3. adds water 500g, xianggu mushroom of piscine bean curd bad to be put soundly boil in boiler.

4. green vegetables pays a copy, place the fish, get on soup again, drench on pignut. Put do on gas burner, after leaving, put on grilled fish furnace.

5. is put into oven, 200 degrees bake 20 minutes, prepare what soup expects to feed capable person, heat one crock boiled water, burn oil to put garlic of ginger of green of sesame seed of chili of drier of thick broad-bean sauce.

6. prepares to put food into boiled water, put cucumber skin of soya-bean milk, join bean sprouts to be burned, wait for dish to taste the fish is entered after thoroughlying cook, put 200 degrees into oven to bake 8 minutes again, scatter on caraway.

How is clear Jiang Yu done delicious

Well-known, baked clear Jiang Yu is very delicious, and eat besides the move that bake besides, fish of clear river of braise in soy sauce, eggplant juice boils clear river slices of fish meat, way of fishiness of river of the Qing Dynasty that fight any of several hot spice plants is very good also.

The nutrient value of clear Jiang Yu

Place contains some nutrient material or rife inside clear Jiang Yu, resemble microelement, vitamin, and its flesh is compared character fresh and tender, a few counteractive cancer and airframe still are contained to fight the material of oxidation inside, eat appropriately a few can achieve resistance consenescence and fight oxidation.

Clear Jiang Yu is a kind of very good hairdressing is raised colour food, no matter be age,big still is age is small can eat, eat appropriately a few can let a person become younger and younger, the cruelly oppress of river fish also can achieve Qing Dynasty destroy very well midge action, the case that takes mosquito of fish of a few clear rivers to bite so won’t serious, the nutrient material that contains inside the cruelly oppress because of it is mosquito not dare close, after eating so not only OK and nourishing body, can resist the mosquito bites again.

Clear Jiang Yu how choose and buy

When live fish of choose and buy, the condition of the appearance that can pass a fish, move about, response rate to external environment will decide piscine vigor.

Normal fish, mouth, eye, branchial, scale, fim is complete without misshapen, hurt mark without disease, body expresses eye of hole of the spot that do not have blood, the fish with good constitution of vitality strong; is in normally the lower level of water is normal move about, touch the fish in water with the hand, reaction acumen, can flounce off very quickly run.

The fish with poor constitution is in the superstratum of water, surface of piscine mouth press close to, the tail assumes flagging shape go from place to place, if piscine body sideways floats on surface, explain this fish is about to die.