Glue eating bee is met get fat the distinction of bee glue and honey

Bee glue although nutrient value is very rich, but bee glue cannot eat for a long time, eat excrement for a long time to have a harm, so glue eating bee meeting get fat, what is the distinction of bee glue and honey, will look below.

Glue eating bee meeting get fat?

Won't get fat. Bee glue belongs to natural antibiotic, fight phlogistic article, can use inflammation of auxiliary cure department of gynaecology, still can use at diabetic person to assist fall the action of candy, do not have side-effect to the body. The bee glue that tastes really is not sacchariferous, won't cause get fat commonly.

The distinction of bee glue and honey

1, is origin different?

Bee glue is a bee the colophony that collects from place of axillary bud of branch of new life of glue source plant, bud place, traumatic place kind material, classics bee infuse secretion of its gland body, the jelly that treatment is changed and becomes repeatedly is qualitative. And the main product that honey is a bee, it is a kind sweet and adhesive, transparent or translucent liquid. ?

2, is nutrient value different?

The honey of fresh maturity contains 70% above change candy (dextrose and fructose) , a few sucrose (5% the following) , enzymatic kind, protein, amino acid, vitamin, mineral, antibiotic kind material. And effect of bee glue health care is apparent, edible bee glue do not answer discontinuous. Process manufacturing health food for main raw material with bee glue, have immune adjustment, improvement Morpheus, adjust hematic fat, adjust bowel of stomach of blood sugar, improvement is line function, auxiliary restrain tumor, fight exhaustion, defer consenescence, fight oxidation to wait for many sided health care effect.

Bee glue is anteprandial eat or eat after the meal

Of bee glue optimal taking time is anteprandial after hour or one meal two hours. Because hollow take more be helpful for what battalion nurturance divides absorbing, but because bee glue is health care is tasted,cannot take with respect to excessive when take, a word cries " Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme. " , again good thing takes much it is harmful, can define at the back of part

icular case, at the same time bee glue cannot be taken for a long time, result from some heavy metal are contained more or less in bee glue, short-term to be taken orally is used without the influence, if take many a little makes a mickle for a long time also marijuana is irritated.

Bee glue overeat meeting how

Bee glue excessive is taken also is huge to healthy harm, above all the yellow ketone compound that bee glue contains a lot ofis right of sex hormone secrete and metabolization has certain effect, long-term excessive takes bee glue to be able to bring about endocrine unusual. Next, the antiseptic result with bee extremely strong glue is beneficial to gastric intestinal bacterium also " treat equally without discrimination " , long-term excessive is taken will naturally affect digestive function. Finally, the heavy metal inside bee glue keeps clear of impossibly clean thoroughly because of a variety of reasons, long-term excessive is taken the meeting is toxic because of heavy metal accumulation.