Garlic puts freezer cold storage to be able to sprout garlic is refrigerant meeting how

Garlic is the home in common, normally garlic serves as spice, the smell of garlic is very sweet, so does garlic put freezer cold storage to be able to sprout, garlic is refrigerant meeting how, look together below.

Does garlic put freezer cold storage to you can sprout?

Of the meeting. Fall in constant temperature (cannot too low) , floral metabolism can undertake, the safe that is put into freezer (it is commonly 4 degrees) , the metabolism of garlic is OK and slow undertake and won't stop. When the temperature in freezer not under 4 degrees when, the garlic in freezer is met slowly gemmiparous. ?

Garlic is refrigerant meeting how

Freezer compartment temperature is lower, put garlic after freezer freezer compartment is saved, garlic can put aspic garlic on the ice, bad edible, flesh of the garlic after defrost will be softer, mouthfeel can become poor, nutrient value also can have corresponding damage, the proposal does not put garlic in freezer freezer compartment. ?

Fresh garlic is OK and pensile save

Fresh garlic collection can undertake storing with pensile method later, storing nevertheless should undertake choosing necessarily before, want those too small the garlic take out that perhaps cankered mark resembles, bask in their ground air again next, after molten of ministry waiting for a bine, can make up it together, next suspension is in shady and cool and ventilated place, can save for a long time.

Garlic suits one day how to much eat

Eat at most 2 to 3 valve. Edible garlic is best dolly becomes mud, and put 10 ~ 15 minutes, after making garlic ammonia acid and garlic enzymatic combine generation garlic element in air again edible. Although garlic is good, eat much meeting to affect the absorption of vitamin B, cross-eye eyeball has stimulative effect, cause conjunctivitis of eye blepharitis, ey

e easily. Additional, garlic is unfavorable and hollow edible, gastric ulcer patient and suffer from have a headache, when the disease such as cough, toothache, unfavorable edible. Everyday 1 or lie between a day 1 times can, eat 2 ~ every time 3 valve. ?