Thursday night on NBA Twitter got a little crazy when an argument over Sam Dekker's tweet turned into Meet Me In Temecula Pt. II. 

To fully understand what happened, we need to to start at the beginning. Pistons G-League player and Dekker's former Wisconsin teammate Bronson Koenig tweeted this:

Dekker then responded with this tweet, which he later deleted:


Dekker's tweet attracted a lot of commentary from Twitter users, including @sreekyshooter.

(Before we advance further, we should provide a warning that there will be explicit language in the tweets below. So... here's that warning.)

@sreekyshooter screenshotted tweets sent from @mattbilinsky defending Dekker's initial comment.

That was the start of a feud that would get very crazy.

The two went back-and-forth for a little bit, but things took a

turn when @mattbilinsky said he was going to buy a flight to invite @sreekyshooter to Los Angeles so they could fight one another. Now, it's one thing to threaten to do this, but he actually went and spent money on a plane ticket.

The flight leaves June 25, but we're not sure if @sreekyshooter actually plans on using the plane ticket to see this all the way through. 

@mattbilinsky claims the flight cost him $117, which is a wild price to pay for an online argument. Nevertheless, this feud had everyone talking, and there are even odds set for the winner of the fight.

Even in the offseason, NBA Twitter never disappoints.