Rougned Odor's punch-related memorabilia event called off

Baseball An event at a memorabilia shop in Frisco, Texas, where Rougned Odor was to sign and sell items related to his now-infamous punch of Joey Bautista has been called off, according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell.MORE: Two tough mofos making baseball fun again Not surprising: The event that promised that Rougned Odor would sign punch photos has been canceled.— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) May 21, 2016Rovell originally reported that Odor, who was given an eight-game suspension by for throwing the punch, was scheduled to appear at Field of Dreams on June 4.Photos signed by Odor were going to be priced at $59, but for an additional $40, customers could buy an autographed photo of the punch. Store manager Brett Kravitz thought he would have been able to sell all 500 tickets for the event and that 95 percent of attendees would have wanted to purchase something related to the punch.MORE: Two wrongs, one big right (not that one)Patrons also would have been able to pay $20 to have an item inscribed. Kravitz said two inscriptions Odor might have used were “Don’t Mess With Texas,” which was inscribed on many photos of Nolan Ryan’s infamous punch of Robin Ventura, and “Bat Flip Will Get You Fat Lip,” a reference to Bautista’s bat flip in Game 5 of last season’s AL Division Series with the Rangers.


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