Rob Manfred will meet with Pete Rose 'later this summer'

NEWARK, N.J. — Pete Rose has a permanent ban from baseball, so there's no real hurry for rookie commissioner Rob Manfred to meet with baseball's all-time hits leader to discuss his possible reinstatement.So, if you were thinking that Rose's sit-down with the man who has the power to let him back into the game would be quickly — like, say, this weekend with the Hall of Fame inductions, think again. PETE ROSE: If ban lifted, what next? | Classic Pete Rose photos"Oh, it'll certainly be after the Hall of Fame," Manfred said Wednesday at the Beyond Sport United conference. "It'll be later this summer." Rose, who has been w

orking for Fox on its television coverage of Major League Baseball, and who was cheered throughout All-Star week in his hometown of Cincinnati, has been out of baseball since 1989, when he voluntarily accepted a permanent spot on baseball's ineligible list. Last month, ESPN reported that Rose bet on games not only when he was a manager, but also when he was a player."I really don't want to provide any updates on the process," Manfred said. "There's really none to provide. I've laid it out pretty clearly as to how we're gonna go about it. In terms of the substance, it's just not fair to Mr. Rose to have comments as we work through the process. I'm gonna wait, review all the facts, meet with Mr. Rose, and I'll explain to people where I'm coming down and why I got there."


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