Hold everything: Blue Jays haven't officially clinched playoff spot

null Baseball null The Blue Jays were the feel-good story of baseball Friday night, beating the Rays 5-3 to clinch the team’s first playoff berth in 22 years.But on closer examination

, the team had not officially snagged a playoff spot. Toronto’s magic number to clinch remains one. MORE: Best Jays ever | A look at how the world has changed since the Jays last made the playoffsYet there is no way the Blue Jays can miss the postseason. If this scenario sounds about as confusing as quantum physics to you at this point, you’re not alone. Here’s an explanation, as outlined by Canada’s Sportsnet:The Blue Jays entered play Friday with a magic number of two, which became one after their victory at the Rogers Centre. After that, Toronto needed losses by both the Twins and Angels to officially clinch. The Twins lost, but the Angels won.So you would think the Blue Jays would need to wait until Saturday to be guaranteed a playoff spot. But no. To make a long story short, even if the Blue Jays lost all nine of their remaining games, they would still finish 88-74. Meanwhile, three other wild-card hopefuls, the Rangers, Astros and Angels, play a combined six games in head-to-head competition (the Rangers and Astros play twice more, while the Rangers and Angels have four games scheduled).That means one of those teams will finish with at least 75 losses, sending Toronto to the playoffs. But under rules, games that have not been played cannot factor in to an official “clinch” scenario.Bottom line: It’s not official, but there is no way the Blue Jays can miss the playoffs at this point. While the team’s magic number remains one, the magic number of more importance now is six: any number of combined Blue Jays victories and Yankees losses locks up the AL East for Toronto.


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