Diamondbacks get lesson on space-time continuum from pitcher

Baseball Josh Collmenter is a relief pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks. On Tuesday, he became a professor.MORE: Familiar non-roster invitees | Jose Bautista's staggering contract demand  Professor Collmenter's class is now in session.Today's lesson: Physics#DbacksSpring pic.twitter.com/XXpZTPseHP— Arizona Diamondbacks (@Dbacks) February 23, 2016"We were sitting around talking about some history stuff and [I was] like, 'I'm just going to start teaching you guys things,'" he said, via .com. "We just pick random topics, and if anyone has a suggestion, we'll talk about that. It's not always going to be as in-depth as this,

but it sort of expounded upon what we did the first day. I think tomorrow's lesson will be a little more, not so practical, but a little more light-hearted I think."Collmenter got really in-depth with Tuesday's session as he touched on subjects like gravitational pulls and the space-time continuum.  Collmenter was getting into gravitational pulls and the space-time continuum pic.twitter.com/7FPr4wPaO8— Nick Piecoro (@nickpiecoro) February 23, 2016More video from #Dbacks Josh Collmenter's morning class for his teammates. pic.twitter.com/R3LJJJNkRe— Steve Gilbert (@SteveGilbert) February 23, 2016Anyone is able to attend the classes if they so desire, but if you're unable to make it, the Diamondbacks have you covered.For those who want to take notes. #DbacksSpring pic.twitter.com/aNNtor5F8A— Arizona Diamondbacks (@Dbacks) February 23, 2016


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