World Series 2016: So, Cleveland fans, nervous or excited for Game 6?

CLEVELAND — Tuesday night at Progressive Field promises to be unforgettable for fans of the Cleveland baseball club.On one hand, their team is up three games to two in the World Series and if it wins Game 6 against the Cubs, it could clinch the franchise’s first World Series title since 1948. Those in attendance would tell stories of this night for decades, to pretty much anyone who’s willing to listen. MORE: Unlikely World Series heroesOn the other hand, if Cleveland loses Game 6 and then drops Game 7 on Wednesday, they would spend decades trying to forget about the time they watched in person as their beloved franchise lost back-to-back home games to a franchise that hadn’t won a World Series in 108 seasons.  Yeah. Real best-of-times, worst-of-times type stuff. So in the hours before first pitch, I walked around Progressive Field, outside and inside the ballpark, asking fans wearing Cleveland gear one simple question: Are you more nervous or excited for Game 6? For this thoroughly unscientific poll, I asked 25 Cleveland fans that question. Sixteen said they were excited, nine admitted they were nervous. One fan told me she was definitely excited, and it was cool because she had the biggest butterflies flying around in her stomach. I marked her as nervous. Richie Phillips told me he was excited, but, “If this was Game 7, I’d be a lot more nervous.”MORE: Longest World Series droughtsRichie was here with his grandfather, Joe Hrouda. The ticket for Grandpa Joe was a gift from Richie’s mom, Laurie. She gave the ticket to her dad because, get this, it’

s his birthday. How cool is that? “I really want them to win,” Hrouda said, “but if they don’t, it’s been a long time for Cubs fans, too. They haven’t won since 1908. That’s a long time.”MORE: Cleveland on verge of best, worst sports momentAs I congratulated him on his charitable approach, he made me laugh. “If we were talking about the Yankees, though, it would be a different story.”Good times, on a great night for baseball.


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