Ichiro in the Home Run Derby is being discussed again

Baseball null Ichiro's batting practice power has been widely discussed in circles since he entered the league in 2001, so much so that entering the home run derby in 2008 was a distinct possibilty.A finger injury made those plans fall apart 10 years ago, but Mariners manager Scott Servais is hoping to revive those talks. "We started a campaign the other day. I know a lot of players today don't want to get into the home run hitting contest," Servais told Networl Radio. "Ichiro would be a great addition to the home run hitting contest because he takes BP every day

and he is launching balls. It is really fun to watch. That would draw a lot of fans' interest." MORE: Ichiro Suzuki wants to play until at least age 50The hashtag #IchiForDC has become the social media campaign for sending Ichiro to Washington D.C. for this year's Home Run Derby, and its already received some backing. 🚨 RT if you want ICHIRO in the Home Run Derby 🚨@Mariners manager Scott Servais makes the case:#TrueToTheBlue #Mariners #IchiForDC pic.twitter.com/oBoz6XFdiD— Network Radio on SiriusXM (@NetworkRadio) June 20, 2018 I’d like his chances to win...one of the more impressive BPs to watch! Let’s make it happen! https://t.co/5w9jhK0wBx— Christian Yelich (@ChristianYelich) June 20, 2018However, Ichiro retired earlier in the season and doesn't want to impose.Ichiro discussing the prospect of him being in this year’s HR Derby:-Ever respectful, said it would “harm” baseball’s great history if he participated-Chose Mark Buehrle as his BP pitcher if he did partake-Joked he’d have to up his lunch from 2 to 3 cheeseburgers to bulk up pic.twitter.com/ENSoPcVRmh— Matt Kelly (@mattkelly) June 20, 2018On behalf of baseball fans everywhere, you would not, Ichiro.


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