How should little yellow croaker choose eat what how should little yellow croaker notice

  • Everybody should have heard of rife disease in the life, but do you understand little yellow croaker? Small today make up understand together with everybody, after all how should little yellow croaker choose, and what how should little yellow croaker notice to eat? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

    How should little yellow croaker choose

    1, the mouth: Fresh piscine mouth is cleaner, the meeting in mouth of defective goods fish is dirtier, the mouth can be held to look when the choose and buy.

    2, branchial: Operculum lock, not easy dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed leaves, branchial a blood of bright red belt, without mucous, do not have a stink for fresh fish.

    3, eye: Fresh piscine eyeball is raised, black and white and trenchant, the surface shines, fresh the fish that spends difference, eye stay, muddy have Bai Meng, the eye of corrupt fish is muddy show red, shrivelled of some pearl eye eyeball.

    4, scale and piscine skin: The scale of fresh fish is clingy piscine skin, drop not easily scale and decorticate, qualitative second piscine scale is lax easy fall off.

    5, cruelly oppress: Press the body that control a fish with finger, have hardness and flexibility, after the hand is raised, muscle recovers from an illness quickly for fresh fish. Protruding get stuck or bogged down is deep and those who lack flexibility is no114夜网论坛t fresh.

    Eat what how should little yellow croaker notice

    Yellow croaker cannot eat together with buckwheat: Yellow croaker greasily, an[......]


    Milk boil still can drink the milk after drinking boil is met how

  • Everybody knows the nutrient value of milk is very high, general hot milk is just good temperature, so milk boil can be still drunk, the milk after drinking boil is met how, will look.

    Milk boil can be you still drunk?

    General milk is not to suggest boil drink. The milk that buys passes those who disinfect antiseptic processing to death, general need not again boil, and the nutrient part such as rich protein, saccharide is contained in milk, if milk boil, the lactose in milk is met cooking, make milk appears Brown, still can decompose make lactic acid, make milk is drunk rise can have tart flavor, mouthfeel can have bigger nutrition, ox year nutrient value also is reduced greatly, so milk does not suggest boil is drunk.

    The milk after drinking boil is met how

    The milk of boil a few drinking is to won't have what problem, it is nutrient value is done not have only so tall, there also is what advantage after person edible, if the capacity of edible is more, because among them composition of a lot of nutrition is denaturation, may cause disgusting, vomiting, bellyacke, diarrhoea to wait for symptom of unwell of gastric bowel path.

    When has been milk drunk

    1, after breakfast, through the rest night, human body needs compensatory and much nutrition material in the morning, if hollow drink milk, the nutrient material in milk can be changed very quickly into energy be used up, return likelihood occurrence lactose to not be able to bear or endure suffer, breakfast hind drinks a cup of[......]


    Eating unripe sesame seed still is ripe sesame seed very good when to eat sesame seed best

  • Sesame seed has very high nutrition value, eating sesame seed appropriately also have profit to the body, so it is good to eat unripe sesame seed ripe still sesame seed is good, when to eat sesame seed best, will understand understanding.

    Is eating unripe sesame seed still ripe sesame seed very good?

    Both each have advantages and disadvantages. Rich nutrient material is contained in sesame seed, especially among them vitamin E is ox114夜网论坛idized easily to decompose, not high temperature resistant, if fry its ripe hind edible, the content of vitamin E can drop a lot of, sesame seed eats can better absorption raw vitamin. After sesame seed is made through frying, among them nutrition composition is absorbed more easily by human body, better through frying the sesame seed flavour after making and mouthfeel to also be met.

    When to eat sesame seed best

    Hour of meal second half eats best. Eat sesame seed commonly and restrict without proper time, but the blood that in bowel of the stomach after the meal compares concentration, this time takes the food below to be digested easily by human body, the battalion nurturance in food divides sufficient also time to be absorbed by the body, so the proposal is in meal second half the hour eats black sesame seed.

    Sesame seed overeat is met how

    1, get fat

    The quantity of heat of black sesame seed is as high as every 100 grams 559 kilocalorie, adipose content is 46% , protein content 19% , if a large number of edible, the body absorbed much oil and prote[......]


    The water of bubble peach glue can continue to use there is black in peach glue can eat

  • Peach glue is the colloid that secretes on peach, this colloid is OK bubble water is drunk, do not know everybody has been drunk not, so can the water of bubble peach glue continue to use, there is black in peach glue can eat.

    Can the water of bubble peach glue continue to use?

    Cannot continue to use, want. After crossing peach glue because of bubble, peach glue can fall off automatically more very much a few impurity are in water, these impurity are the impurity such as bark, dust, eat into abdomen, the influence is healthy.

    There is black in peach glue can eat

    The black impurity inside peach glue cannot eat. Because when peach glue grows the of a few impurity of interfuse is mixed,the black impurity inside peach glue is dirt, it is inedible so, need is cleaned clean. Use gum of peach of cold leach bubble 5 minutes or so, exert oneself to do sth. rub washs peach glue, the black material that can get on peach glue is washed clean, change basin cold water next, immerse 10 hours control peach glue, bubble hair is good.

    Peach glue wants bubble how long

    If be the word that immerses with cold water, so get bubble at least 10 hours above, only such ability make sure complete bubble is soft. How to judge peach glue hair of whether complete bubble: Hold the peach glue after bubble is sent with two hands, hold the central office of peach glue, if central part is complete also bubble is soft, so OK; if central part is a bit hard still, two finger cannot be held, so explain to be sent wit[......]


    The practice hotpot chaffy dish of authentic hotpot chaffy dish cannot add what dish

  • Hotpot chaffy dish is one of chaffy dish kinds that a lot of people like to eat, he is in the home also can do authentic hotpot chaffy dish, what does the practice of chaffy dish of so authentic hotpot have, hotpot chaffy dish cannot add what dish.

    The practice of authentic hotpot chaffy dish?

    1, ginger garlic section, green is cut " the horse is auditive " form, angelica cuts 4 millimeter thick piece.

    2, hotpot is abluent, cut 3 centimeters of square piece, scoop into stockpot float water.

    3, on fire of the buy that fry pan, next oil heat, the garlic that put ginger piece, green, fry sweet, mix into white soup, put hotpot, gourmet powder, gallinaceous essence, pepper, cooking wine, angelica, burn boil, divide float foam, enter high-pressured boiler, press boiler of 10 minutes of of people of talent to enter a basin, appear on the stage can.

    Hotpot chaffy dish cannot add what dish

    Hotpot also cannot be fed together with pumpkin, both is tepid food, put edible together, extremely easy get an114夜网论坛gry. Same argument, chili, peppery, ginger, clove, fennel also be Xin Wen's hot and dry dressing, also answer to put a drop less when instant-boiled mutton so. If still be afraid of suffer from excessive internal heat, in instant-boiled mutton after, still can eat and so on of some of tremella, lily, pear to raise shade to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid again the food of moisten the respiratory tract, the cool tea that with the have diarrhoea gunpowder such as chrysanthemum, s[......]


    Eat mustard how quick solution is hot eat mustard to want what to notice

  • When mustard is eating birthday to manage, be see most, mustard tastes develop nose already hot, but still somebody likes to eat, so eat mustard how quick solution is hot, eat mustard to want what to notice.

    Eat mustard how quick solution is hot?

    Recommend above all those who eat is malic vinegar, an apple vinegar can be drunk when eating mustard, on a few seconds had better wait in can be being contained in the mouth, the effect that can discover solution is hot is very apparent still. And the effect that drinks malic vinegar to still can rise to solve be bored with, everybody can try.

    Cool tea still can be drunk to help solution when eating mustard hot, because ate,oral cavity can feel to be stimulated not only after mustard, unwell circumstance exists, intestines and stomach also can have uncomfortable circumstance generation. At that time the choice drinks cool tea very pretty good, it is to contain among them can fall the component of internal heat is, can squelch114夜网论坛 very well not only piquancy, help those who solve mustard be, still can help pin internal heat, arrive since slow effect of gastric ministry unwell.

    Eat mustard to want what to notice

    When eating mustard, want to notice, in cooking when it is OK right amount add some of mustard, but cannot one-time those who join is too much, can harm intestines and stomach otherwise, at the same time 3 fast crowds, especially the patient that tall blood fat, hypertension still has heart disease eats mustard to notice, it is to[......]


    How does persimmon decorticate convenient persimmon has a way commonly

  • Persimmon does not have mouthfeel sweetly pretty good still, it is persimmon skin softer, meet occasionally bad to pare, so how does persimmon decorticate go to the lavatory, persimmon eats a law commonly what to have, will look.

    How does persimmon decorticate convenient?

    1, above all we should choose an already squashy persimmon, next persimmon apical the base of a fruit takes care, complete denude comes, we are then OK tear down all of persimmon skin little along the brim of the base of a fruit came.

    2, or we also can be in persimmon surface lay off a crisscross cut, put it into boiled water to boil dichotomy bell next, was delimited the skin of the place of cut can split on such persimmon, we down this break can persimmon skin very relaxed tear down come.

    Persimmon has a way commonly

    One, persimmon cake

    1, after fresh persimmon appears on the market, can make small cake eat again together with it and flour, the need when making prepares fresh persimmon and flour, prepare right amount sesame seed even.

    2, ready fresh persimmon, the bath that use Qing Dynasty is clean, take out peel, put its the flesh of fruit in arrange machine to be hit into slimy shape, smooth synthesis dough is put together with flour after be being taken out, half hours are saved in warm place.

    3, distribute the dough of become reconciled into little place, make round cake, touch right amount sesame seed in their surface next, edible oil is put in pan, after heating, make small cake into boiler decoct, de[......]


    Does earthy egg eat egg of a few appropriate earth one day to be able to be eaten raw

  • Earthy egg is a very popular breed in the egg, believe a lot of people like very, do not cross us to also cannot eat when eating earthy egg at ordinary times too much, eat too much still can create a burden to our body.

    Earthy egg eats a few one day appropriate

    Earthy egg eats 1-2 one day the most appropriate.

    We know to many protein and cholesterol are contained in the egg, and human body is opposite everyday protein metabolizable energy power is limited, normal adult can digest the albumen of two eggs one day almost, and the yoke that can eat an egg only, such edible are the most healthy, can make sure nutrition is compensatory already, won't absorb overmuch cholesterol again.

    Can be earthy egg eaten raw

    Earthy egg cannot be eaten raw.

    The 114夜网论坛egg is to belong to animal sex food, contained protein is very tall, but great majority belongs to thick albumen, very indigestible absorb, the thick albumen that is born especially, human body barely is digested absorb, additional, earthy egg is not very wholesome, eat disease of possible still infection raw, do not suggest to eat earthy egg raw.

    Earthy egg eats much meeting how

    1. is dyspeptic

    The protein content in the egg is very high, measure proteinly in an egg normally control in 7g, one-time edible is too much, cause indigestion easily, appear bilge gas, belch, fart is much wait for disease, serious when cause fungus of path of constipation, bowel possibly still to wait for disease mussily.

    2. increases risk of disease of heart head b[......]


    The alcohol degree of red wine is high drink red wine to want what to notice

  • Everybody should have drunk red wine in the life, but do you know red wine? Small today make up understand together with everybody, after all the alcohol degree of red wine is high, and what to drink red wine to want to notice? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

    The alcohol degree of red wine is high

    Drink those who cross red wine to should know, the alcohol content of red wine won't be very high, won't violent in that way like high liquor and foreign wine. Actually mostly the alcohol degree of red wine spends this limits in 8-15 inside, we see rarely under 8 spend or prep above 15 degrees red wine.

    Drink red wine to want what to notice

    1, chocolate and red wine are not fed together

    Want and the food of aroma, acrimony food collocation wears those who eat to say chocolate and red wine are a female to love most, but if the edge drinks red wine edge,take the word of chocolate, can affect vinous to absorb not only so, and right healthy also can produce certain effect. Consequently the proposal does not eat chocolate when drinking red wine, stagger perhaps and both edible time.

    2, seafood and red wine are not fed together

    With seafood not be to say red wine to cannot match with seafood here together, it is the material in certain seafood only the certain co114夜网论坛mponent in meeting and claret produces reaction, thereby the metallic flavour of other life be disgusted with, go against dietary health.

    3, vinegar and red wine are not fed together

    Want and when if drink red wine,remo[......]


    Banana millet congee can reduce weight banana millet congee has what nutrition value

  • Everybody should have heard of rife congee in the life, so do you understand banana millet congee? Small today make up understand together with everybody, after all can banana millet congee reduce weight, and what nutrition value does banana millet congee have? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

    Can banana millet congee reduce weight

    Possible, and should beneficial to reducing weight still! Banana is very delicious fruit, everybody was familiar with very much. But, whether do you know banana is having different nutrient effect, and banana millet congee is more delicate and nutrition. Banana millet congee can have favorable effect to the hair of human body, can promote cutaneous health to grow.

    Banana millet congee has what nutrition value

    1: Be good at lienal. Banana is the fruit with a kind of cold sex, and the banana congee that has made has lung of clear hot detoxify, embellish to connect bowel, relieve a cough expectorant effect. Have good nutrient value to the person's taste.

    2: See alcoholic drink. Banana congee has the effect that sees alcoholic drink. So, drink the person of wine, will nod banana congee, not only delicate and sweet, still can see solution Bacchic, solid it is beautiful to taste.

    3: Enhance immune power. Banana congee can enhance power of human body immunity, increase counteractive capacity, can promote circulation of human body blood. Often edible can prevent the disease such as diabetic, beriberi, senile plaque, hypertension.

    4: Embellish[......]


    Snakeheaded fish and grouper are a kind of fish the distinction of snakeheaded fish and grouper

  • The nutrient value of snakeheaded fish and grouper is particularly high, to not quite for ichthyophagous friends, the likelihood understands grouper not quite, actually it and snakeheaded fish are two different breed, we see the distinction that issues them below.

    Are snakeheaded fish and grouper a kind of fish

    Not be same kind of fish.

    Grouper body is elliptic, side is flat, the head is big, kiss short and blunt circle, the mouth is big, have the character on the shop that develop, body wraps around petty comb scale, dorsal fin is powerful, style quality can change along with the environment and change. Adult fish body length is in normally 20 ~ 30 centimeters. Forehead of snakeheaded fish body submits cylinder form, hind side is flat. The head is long, forehead is made the same score slightly flat, hind a bit apophysis. Kiss short circle is blunt, the mouth is big, end position, the mouth is cracked a bit inclined, extend to the lower edge after the eye, mandible is a bit outstanding. Style quality presents grey black, body back and look of the top of head are darker black.

    The distinction of snakeheaded fish and grouper

    The exterior of 1. snakeheaded fish and grouper is distinguished

    Their exterior distinguishs snakeheaded fish and grouper is above all have on color different, from color we give their different point with respect to OK and simple distinction. This is the first kind of method, also be the simplest method, grouper, well-known its bodily form is exceedingly elli[......]


    How is the fish of practice clear river of clear Jiang Yu done delicious

  • A lot of people should know clear Jiang Yu, it is not a kind of specific fish, basically point to the fish that lives in Hubei clear river, it is to use it to do grilled fish to be able to compare many a little bit commonly at present, the common way that Jiang Yu learning 114夜网论坛Qing Dynasty learns together below.

    The practice of clear Jiang Yu

    2 jins of clear Jiang Yu of half carry 1. on the back make sb the first aim of attack, clean clean. Spend a knife, souse 15 minutes, cooking wine, saline daub is even, pepper, garlic of ginger of black peppery green.

    2. has bloated to brush oil to enter oven, fluctuation bakes 20 minutes 230 degrees, midway is taken out brush a few oil again. Exceed soup juice, ordinal Chinese prickly ash, chili of green ginger garlic, secret makes pepper sauce.

    3. adds water 500g, xianggu mushroom of piscine bean curd bad to be put soundly boil in boiler.

    4. green vegetables pays a copy, place the fish, get on soup again, drench on pignut. Put do on gas burner, after leaving, put on grilled fish furnace.

    5. is put into oven, 200 degrees bake 20 minutes, prepare what soup expects to feed capable person, heat one crock boiled water, burn oil to put garlic of ginger of green of sesame seed of chili of drier of thick broad-bean sauce.

    6. prepares to put food into boiled water, put cucumber skin of soya-bean milk, join bean sprouts to be burned, wait for dish to taste the fish is entered after thoroughlying cook, put 200 degrees into oven to bake 8 minutes again,[......]


    Gan Gong and common vinous distinguish the distinction of bishop color

  • Bishop has all the time very welcome getting a person, in a lot of other peoples collect is worn the bishop of differ sample card, so where are Gan Gong and common vinous distinction, where is the distinction of common bishop color.

    Are Gan Gong and common vinous distinguished?

    1, from the point of vinous nutrition value, dry red place accumulate acid of contained vitamin B, riboflavin, Nick, pantothenic acid and Benduosheng's acerbity scale want tower above to work white.

    2, from admire flavour period to look, because work to use juice brew only in vain, the content of its Chan Ning is relatively inferior, and Gan Gong is to use peel, pulp and juice one case brew, content of its Chan Ning is opposite taller, so usually, gan Gong's whiter than working wine sex is stabler, admire flavour period longer also.

    3, in light of the influence from the temperature when tasting drink, gan Gong also has maneuverability more. The basis carries out experience, everybody knows to be in centigrade 16 when reaching 18 degrees, undertake sampling claret, can obtain best result; as to dr114夜网论坛y white, criterion with cool and refreshing condition, it is namely centigrade 8 sample to 10 degrees for optimal, can taste its gust to come better right now. Two-phase is compared, what actors or actress what bad general view does not have involuntary discharge of urine.

    4, from the point of vinous appreciate, the color of wine also is to may bring about its to suffer bestow favor on one of elements. Anyhow,[......]


    Which nutrition good prawn sees billabong shrimp and prawn new delicacy

  • Shrimp has a lot of sort, prawn and billabong shrimp and prawn are two kinds among them, the nutrition of these two kinds of shrimp is very rich, so which battalion cures billabong shrimp and prawn, how does prawn see new delicacy.

    Which battalion cures billabong shrimp and prawn?

    Both nutrition is about the same. Billabong shrimp and prawn contain a lot ofD of vitamin of A of protein, vitamin, B a group of things with common features, vitamin, vitamin E, calcic, Potassium, magnesian, phosphor, zinc, iron, copper mineral, be nutrition of human body complement is good feed capable person. The fleshy qualitative fertilizer of shrimp is tender delicious, feed do not have fishlike smell already, do not have spur again, old young all appropriate, accept favour fully, all through the ages is thought since is delicate, it is the fine quality goods of nourishing Zhuangyang.

    How does prawn see new delicacy

    1, normal prawn shows viridescence scene, the colour and lustre of whole prawn is more unified, the body shows translucence, reaction delicacy. If colour and lustre is shown,slant gules or be have white spot, catgut is unsharpness, had better not buy so, this kind of prawn is general quality is poorer, taste insalubrious also.

    2, normal prawn is taken in the hand, housing is thick harder, without touch feeling, bouncy, the feeling has energy very much, frisky, and the flesh is qualitative solidder, eyeball shows a circle, black and bright is bright, conversely insalubrious.

    3, normal[......]


    Chicken can be stewed together with lotus lotus root how is the chicken of lotus lotus root that stew done delicious

  • Chicken is very delicious, have nutrition again, lotus lotus root also is more welcome when stew, so can be chicken stewed together with lotus lotus root, how is the chicken of lotus lotus root that stew done delicious, look together below.

    Can be chicken stewed together with lotus lotus root?

    This is both and OK stew together. C of B of amylaceous, protein, vitamin, vitamin, adipose, carbohydrate, calcic, phosphor, iron basically is contained to wait for nutrient element in lotus lotus root; A of protein, adipose, vitamin, vitamin B2, calcic, iron, phosphor, Potassium, magnesian, nicotinic acid is contained to wait for nutrient element in chicken, component of these two kinds of food is not overcome, can an edible.


    How is the chicken of lotus lotus root that stew done delicious

    Material: Chicken 300g, 200g of lotus lotus root, red jujube 30g, right amount green, ginger, salt?

    Practice: ?

    1, chicken wears half, pour hematic water, stripping and slicing of lotus lotus root; ?

    2, in putting chicken bowl, scald, fish out comes; ?

    3, in putting chicken arenaceous bowl again, right amount clear water is put in boiler, put Jiang Pian; ?

    4, big baked wheaten cake leaves, turn half hour controls small fire Bao, put lotus root piece and red jujube, continue small fire Bao 40 minutes. Salt is put before giving boiler, chopped green onion can.


    Lotus lotus root stews chicken to have what effect

    1, be good at lienal appetizing?

    Lotus lotus root puts in classics of heart, lienal, stomach[......]


    Period eats sweetmeat to be able to gain flesh period has a thing really won't fat

  • Often have a kind of view, it is menses eats a thing to won't gain flesh, then a lot of people are in of period unbridled eat, so does period eat sweetmeat to be able to gain flesh, period has a thing really won't fat.

    Does period eat sweetmeat to you can gain flesh?

    Period eats sweet food meeting get fat, have a thing about period won't the view of get fat is a rumor completely. Before physiology period, often cannot help wanting to have the desire of sweetmeat, chocolate of mad crack with teeth in mouth, cake, ice-cream, after eating, even if temporarily the mood is auspicious, but often cannot maintain how long, feel exhaustion again, have a headache. Actually, this is the disease before a kind of common classics group, good hair the female at bearing the age.


    Period has a thing really won't fat

    Forthcoming month classics takes not fat this is a rumor, menses overeat can gain flesh euqally, must not think menstruation eats sweetmeat, chocolate, won't get fat, or it is to think menstruation comes by accident when tide, metabolization is particularly good, it is to reduce heavy optimal opportunity, this can be beautiful misunderstanding, and often concern with the physiology sex oedema before menstruation. This kind gives birth to rational oedema, not be nephritic function gave what error, but exact cause still unidentified, the likelihood is the hurried inside body coriaceous alcohol increases adrenalin, the female is hormonal change or be hemal osmotic increase, bring abo[......]