When it comes to drama, the Cavaliers and Knicks are not the same, says Carmelo Anthony.

The Knicks forward said he finds the “controversy” surrounding his friend LeBron James and the Cavs laughable compared to his situation in New York.

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"Over here it's drama, a different type of drama over here," Anthony told reporters at the Knicks' shootaround in Chicago on Wednesday, via ESPN.com. 

Anthony is alluding to the latest Cavs controversy that ensued after James unfollowed the team's official Twitter account Monday, overshadowing its division-clinching win over the Nuggets.

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"(The Cavaliers') drama is more comical," Anthony said. "It's more getting off of Twitter. Know what I mean? It's always something that they blow up. Him unfollowing the organization. Him shutting his Twitter down. It is always something over there along those lines.”

For one of James’ peers who is about to miss the playoffs for the third straight year, hearing about “drama” from the 50-20 Cavs probably inspires more laughs than a full season of "The Drew Carey