How should Xianggu mushroom clean the method that washs Xianggu mushroom

Xianggu mushroom is a kind of very delicate stay of proceedings kind food, because Xianggu mushroom is to grow in earth,sand can be on Xianggu mushroom body so so, how should be cleaned when doing Xianggu mushroom so? Accordingly small make up us to understand together.

How should be Xianggu mushroom cleaned

1, above all, we need to choose a high grade Xianggu mushroom to feed capable person first in market, high grade feeding capable person is me the first pace that clean; Root ministry does not want sticky thing, do not have peculiar smell.

2, the Xianggu mushroom that buys, fall into the basin, its the end end of root ministry is cut off, because this place is very easy,Tibet has dirty thing.

3, after been cut, we can scatter a starch on Xianggu mushroom. The word flour Yi Ke that does not have starch with.

4, enter starch or after flour, again above enter a bit salt.

5, after been scatter, enter Wen Shui in the basin; Next agitate it; Agitate is finished, xianggu mushroom conversely. Root ministry is gadarene; Such starch are OK the dirty stuff of the place of will bottom drape is washed come out; With respect to such bubble 3 minutes.

6, after bubble is good, we need to undertake cleaning to its again, rub washs the skin of Xianggu mushroom; Still have the place of root ministry drape.

7, clean again finally, right amount salt is joined in Wenshui, undertake cleaning, because Xianggu mushroom is fungus, salt has certain antiseptic effect; It is OK to be rinsed finally.

Clean the method of Xianggu mushroom

Above all, we eat Xianggu mushroom first inside the basin, add a few warm water inside next, rinse it first with running water. Wait for its a few dirt dirty stuff rinse out, next we give the black root of Xianggu mushroom again cut off, there is rife clay to adhere to above the root of Xianggu mushroom, clean harder. And harder also, taste mouthfeel is bad, so we are take out commonly. Take out after root ministry, we immerse it again inside Wen Shui, join a few starch next, probably the appearance of two spoon. The dirty thing that uses amylaceous adsorptive ability to will be concealed inside drape comes out to adsor

ption, after joining starch additionally, we should keep using hand agitate. Let starch immerse it probably appearance of 5 minutes, next the rub with the hands with our reoccupy small not use too much force is washed, xianggu mushroom the besmirch of a few black comes down to rub. Catch us again to two spoon salt is joined inside water, let Xianggu mushroom immerse 15 minutes again, salt can have antiseptic effect, and the earthy fishy smell that still can go inside Xianggu mushroom, let it taste more delicacy is sweet. Finally, we are scooped up again give Xianggu mushroom with running water rinse a few times, clean OK.

How is Xianggu mushroom done delicious

The 1st pace, Xianggu mushroom is abluent cut go rhizome

The 2nd pace, Xianggu mushroom is abluent add bit of salt less to thoroughly cook

The 3rd pace, meat stuffing adds cooking wine, unripe smoke, oyster sauce, little salt, gourmet powder, green, ginger, balm arranges agitate of a direction even!

Chopped meat is put on every the 4th pace, Xianggu mushroom

Every bottom cuts egg of the 5th pace, quail make it bunny is auditive, on the head inclined cut one knife to insert on bunny is auditive, appearance of make it bunny, bunny is put on the Xianggu mushroom that brews good chopped meat, the evaporate after boiler water leaves on 10 minutes!

The 6th pace, cut very small Xiaoding with carrot, when bunny eye

The juice after it is the 7th pace, good to use steam puts bowl in, gorgon euryale is ticked off to irrigate reload after the water that increase a point leaves dish on Xianggu mushroom.

How should be the Xianggu mushroom that does not eat saved

1, cold storage is saved

Fresh Xianggu mushroom can be refrigerated save, but remember be before cold storage, need a Xianggu mushroom take out that has harm damaged, reoccupy lasts the box is sealed rise, put inside the safe of freezer again next, can let fresh Xianggu mushroom save the time that half month influences so.

2, dehydration is saved

Fresh Xianggu mushroom saves time weak point, basically be because of what what contain inside it water is sent overmuch, so everybody can do fresh Xianggu mushroom to take off water treatment necessarily. But what here tells everybody is, dehydrate of fresh Xianggu mushroom can be not put in insolate below the sun, should prevent in shady and cool and ventilated place, natural airing, such ability can avoid the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of composition of the nutrition in Xianggu mushroom.

3, refrigerant save

Save after bright Xianggu mushroom is OK and refrigerant, particular way is put bright Xianggu mushroom in to last in bag sealed rise, put freezer refrigerant, take out the following day, the towel that use paper sucks exterior drip, put them in another to last again next in bag, sealed stock refrigerator refrigerant, be equal to the freeze-dry Xianggu mushroom that makes bright Xianggu mushroom so, take out when edible take out directly it is OK to be changed.