Eat mustard how quick solution is hot eat mustard to want what to notice

When mustard is eating birthday to manage, be see most, mustard tastes develop nose already hot, but still somebody likes to eat, so eat mustard how quick solution is hot, eat mustard to want what to notice.

Eat mustard how quick solution is hot?

Recommend above all those who eat is malic vinegar, an apple vinegar can be drunk when eating mustard, on a few seconds had better wait in can be being contained in the mouth, the effect that can discover solution is hot is very apparent still. And the effect that drinks malic vinegar to still can rise to solve be bored with, everybody can try.

Cool tea still can be drunk to help solution when eating mustard hot, because ate,oral cavity can feel to be stimulated not only after mustard, unwell circumstance exists, intestines and stomach also can have uncomfortable circumstance generation. At that time the choice drinks cool tea very pretty good, it is to contain among them can fall the component of internal heat is, can squelch

very well not only piquancy, help those who solve mustard be, still can help pin internal heat, arrive since slow effect of gastric ministry unwell.

Eat mustard to want what to notice

When eating mustard, want to notice, in cooking when it is OK right amount add some of mustard, but cannot one-time those who join is too much, can harm intestines and stomach otherwise, at the same time 3 fast crowds, especially the patient that tall blood fat, hypertension still has heart disease eats mustard to notice, it is to cannot eat too much. Pregnant woman, gastritis, the patient that still has enteron ulcer does not suit to eat mustard, can bring about intestines and stomach to be harmed otherwise. The eye is put in the crowd of inflammation problem, mustard also does not suit to eat.

Mustard does not suit to be deposited for long, must sealed rise, escape sunshine illuminate, the time that mustard saves is in 6 months, when mustard has oil oozy, and when flavour becomes bitter, I cannot continue to eat.

Mustard juice how modulation

Put mustard in small dish, with soy after mix is even, it is OK to dipping in to eat directly, if feel mustard was stimulated too, on a few candy can be added to perhaps feed vinegar in mustard, the piquancy of OK and very good amortize mustard, the taste that can let mustard is better.

Eat mustard meeting get angry

Right amount eat won't suffer from excessive internal heat. Because mustard is to belong to the food with a kind of lukewarm sex, also be the food with hot flavour at the same time, if a few we eating some of mustard, it is beneficial so we are healthy, but if say great master,be of excessive edible mustard, the condition that causes suffer from excessive internal heat with respect to probable meeting at that time arises. The crowd that says suffer from excessive internal heat so eats mustard to should take care.