Bovine bone soup boils white ox bone what to put to boil delicious

Bovine bone soup is more delicious, the nutrition of bovine bone soup is very rich also, a lot of people like to eat, so arrogant how does bone soup boil white, what does bovine bone put to boil delicious, look together below.

How does bovine bone soup boil white?

Prepare bone of a few oxen, make it is big after be being cleaned clean lump, the scald in putting boiled water bowl again is ironed, come to fish out of hematic foam purify, put into the stockpot that cheers boiled water in the center, next rejoin ginger piece, green paragraph, big baked wheaten cake leaves, change Cheng Xiaohuo to boil 4 hours to arrive 5 hours, boil soup juice to change all the time cream color is thick stiff OK.


What does bovine bone put to boil delicious

1, feed capable person: Big bone of Niu Za bone, chop, ox, chopped green onion, sesame seed, pepper, sweet vinegar, ginger, the head of garlic?

2, practice: Niu Za bone, chop, ox big bone immerses in cold water the fish out after period of time is being put into boiler to undertake scald water reserve, niu Za bone is mixed finally green of bovine big bone paragraph, the water of ginger, the head of garlic and full amount puts the infusion in caldron, the water in infusion of medium baking temperature turning to boiler again after the boiling that need water remains an in part, scoop up float with ladle at any time above grease and bu

bble, when juice waiting for soup becomes ivory, put beefsteak character, and turn fire to small fire to stew boil. Wait for squashy hind, the flesh that gets on chop fish out bone cuts cutlet, bone proceed is stewed boil. Till soup juice becomes completely ivory can edible, can scatter according to taste on chopped green onion, also but soup juice will be added in cutlet, such flavour are more fresh and tender.

How is bovine bone soup boiled without peculiar smell?

1, water is very important one pace segment, the measure that imposes water in stewing boiled process commonly should decrease, not was best, because water is added in stewing boiled process, can affect mouthfeel, had better be one-time so add good water, so unapt because stew,water decreases, had better be slowly will reach fire small fire, stew slowly boil. ?

2, just begin to add salt after Shang Zhiao is good commonly, because won't destroy the mouthfeel of soup juice so, the protein that in advance adds salt to be able to bring about Shang Zhizhong is premature and caky, make its mouthfeel is affected.


The nutrient value of bovine bone soup

1, nutrition of bovine bone soup is rich, main as a result of,be the protein in bone, because but the nurture that human body needs compensatory body place to need is qualitative, and the protein in bovine bone soup also is human body place one of needed nutrient material. ?

2, taller calcium is contained to pledge in bovine bone, the optimal alternative with compensatory simple calcium is the crowd of crisp to bone pine, child health development also can choose bovine bone soup to undertake feeding filling. ?

3, Rong Yangyan's emperor tastes Shang Shimei of to the female Yan Niu bone, the skin moist that the ossein in bovine bone soup can help a woman is smooth, be full of collagen albumen. ?